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You want to race. So get RacR2. No fancy setup, just wheel to wheel action. From technical tracks like Crag Isle Short to flat out racing on Casello or Lupok Classic. Tire wear: we got it. Day/night races: RacR2 has those too. Want to just practice before that big race? No problem. Want keyboard, touch or tilt control? Sure, you pick. Want to disrupt other racers from finishing in-front? We have the tools. Want cars that handle differently from one another? Yep, they are in there as well.

Get it on Microsoft Windows 8.1 desktop, tablet or phone. Have an Apple Mac OSX desktop or laptop? Maybe an iPhone 5 or 6? No problem, we have you covered.

Ready to race? Download now!

Win8.1/WP8.1/Mac OSX

iPhone 5/6, iPad 2/3


14 challenging tracks with unique layouts and scenery
Touch / tilt controls and keyboard inputs are both supported
Choose your number of rivals
Split-screen multiplayer option for every track with keyboard (Windows and Mac)
Disrupt rivals with optional short and long range disrupters
Optional traction control and manual or automatic gear-shifting with keyboard (Windows and Mac)
Quality setting options to optimise performance on different devices
An easy-to-access track records system
Adjustable number of laps for each and every track
Tire wear (off, low, high)
Practice, Single Race and Championship modes
Different difficulty levels

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RacR (original)

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