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Qik Photo Animator

Stun your friends and the world with Qik Photo Animator and your creativity. No Hollywood studio required! Produce High Definition animations simply by using photos taken on your Surface, tablet, digital, iPod or phone camera. No complex commands, just swipe, tap or click. Advanced features include chroma key scenery sfx and moveable sprites.
We designed Qik Photo Animator from the ground up with you, as the budding animator, in mind. No drawing or artistic skills required. This App let's you do what you love doing - design, build and move your creation. The App doesn't get in the way of your creativity.


SFX: Add background scenery like a pro!
SFX: Overlay moveable sprites
PhotoFX: Blur, Colour, Crop, Flip, Light, Resize, Rotate, Sharpen, Text
Save Animation to 720p and 1080p HD Video
Import photos from disk, in-built Tablet camera or OneDrive
Live feed and camera control on compatible cameras (focus, brightness, contrast, zoom, exposure, and white balance)
Set individual frame speed in FPS or SPF
Make-up artist Tint Pen
Keeps a copy of original photos
Revert to original or undo last PhotoFX
Convert photos to Black & White
OneDrive integration (upload and download projects)
Sketch over any background or draw your own
Includes tips for creating great animations

Qik Start Steps

To create a quick animation on your Surface perform the following steps:

1. Tap "Project" on the bottom App Bar.
2. Tap "New Project"
3. Enter a new project name and/or tap "OK"
4. On the right tap "Photos" from the "Add" menu
5. In the top left, tap "Files"
6. Tap "Camera"
7. Tap the centre of the screen to take a photo of your scene
8. Tap "OK" to accept the photo
9. Repeat the last two steps to take a series of photos
10. Tap "Open"
11. Tap "Animate"
12. Tap "Create"
13. Tap "720p"
14. Tap "Files" and "Videos"
15. Tap "Save"
16. When prompted, tap "OK" to play your new HD Animation!
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