Sci-Fi Ship Controller

Kick-start your game development

From the makers of Landscape Builder, and LB Enviro Pack 1, comes a brand new asset full of technical know-how and goodness.

You know what the next great game will look like. We are passionate about helping you get there. You want to tweak flight behaviour without weeks of coding. Sci-Fi Ship Controller is your shortcut; your hyperlink to complex maths at low cost and minimal effort.

Popularized by the Star Wars saga, complex space planes which can move between planet surfaces and space with ease, are now the staple diet of gamers worldwide. The maths is extreme, which is why we take care of this for you.

NASA would call this a Space Plane controller. It can control a "craft" like an airplane while inside a planet's atmosphere, but can also act like a spaceship while in space.

Documentation (PDF)

What is Sci-Fi Ship Controller?

Sci-Fi Ship Controller is an asset that allows you to quickly and easily turn your ship models into fully-functioning, flying spacecraft.

How do I use it in Unity?

Currently, it consists of three main modules: The Ship Control Module, the Player Input Module, and the Ship AI Input Module. The Ship Control Module is a script that can be added to ship models to turn them into flyable ships, complete with all the parameters needed to tweak their behaviour to your liking. The Player Input Module is a script that can be added to any ship with the Ship Control Module already attached to map inputs from the Unity input manager and other input sources to the Ship Control Module in order to let a player control the ship.

Why should I use Sci-Fi Ship Controller instead of another asset?

One of the main things we've worked really hard on with Sci-Fi Ship Controller is its ease of use. All the parameters in the modules are arranged logically and have headers describing their functionality. In addition to this, every editable parameter has an associated tooltip, so if you're unsure about what something does you can simply hover your mouse over it and get a brief description. We've also tried to write Sci-Fi Ship Controller in a way that makes sense to all game developers, not just ones that have a degree in aerodynamic engineering or physics.

One of the other strengths of Sci-Fi Ship Controller is its versatility. It isn't an asset JUST for arcade spaceships, JUST for aircraft or JUST for hover-ships: If it flies, then there's a good chance you can make it with our asset (and if you can't, feel free to let us know so that we have to opportunity to improve Sci-Fi Ship Controller in that regard).

Sci-Fi Ship Controller includes an extensive, documented, runtime API with many C# examples.

As well as this, Sci-Fi Ship Controller is completely physics-based. All movements are driven by Unity's built-in physics, which provides a great feel for players and ensures you won't encounter any strange behaviour caused by our asset fighting with the physics engine.

Finally, Sci-Fi Ship Controller is designed from the ground up for performance. We've tried as much as possible to follow best practice and avoid expensive allocations and function calls, so Sci-Fi Ship Controller should only comprise a minimal part of your performance budget. The Combat system supports DOTS (Entities, Jobs, Burst Compiler in Unity 2019.1).


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A few feature highlights

Damage System

Whether you use simple, progressive or localised damage is up to you. Shields can be implemented with a few clicks.

Weapon System

Projectiles can be fired from multiple locations. Add as few or as many weapons as you like. Turrets and guided projectiles are supported too.

AI System

Sci-Fi Ship Controller comes with an extendable state-based AI system out of the box. With support for targeting other ships, following paths, obstacle avoidance and much more (as well as further development in the future), the AI system allows you to bring life to your games. A flexible and easy-to-use API (with code examples in the manual and in demo scenes) allows you to switch between states with ease, as well as write your own custom states and behaviours to fit the specific needs of your game. From those who simply want to use all the default states and write as little code as possible to the hardcore developers who want full control over their state transition behaviour, we cater to all different levels of control.

Gravity and Drag

Set the amount of gravity and also it's direction. Atmospheric drag can be tuned to suit your scenario via the Medium Density value. This can be set per spacecraft based on whether it is within a planet's atmosphere or in space.

Customised Ship Control

Give different Sci-Fi craft a unique feel. Create immersive tactile sensations that set your game apart from the crowd... without writing 1000s of lines of code.

Developer-friendly API

Along with Unity Editor support, the system has been developed from the ground up to be called and modified in C# code. All variables and API function calls are commented in the code for easy integration with your game. Sample code is included to help you get started quickly.

Radar System

Comprehensive API-driven radar system that you can query from your own game code. This can integrated with the on-screen target tracking from the Ship Display Module (HUD). In addition, a sample radar mini-map is included.

Includes support for Unity 2019.4.32+, 2020.x, 2021.1, and 2021.2

Playable samples and Games

Windows 10 Mac OSX

The Xbox One version is available on the Microsoft Store

Windows 10 Mac OSX

The Xbox One version is available on the Microsoft Store