Sticky3D Controller

Kick-start your game development

From the makers of Landscape Builder, and Sci Fi Ship Controller, comes a brand new asset full of technical inovation.

Sticky3D Controller, or S3D for short, is a kinematic first- and third-person character controller for the Unity engine. S3D can be considered a "capsule" controller in that the character's model will mostly occupy an area that has a capsule-like shape.

Although S3D uses many aspects of Unity's in-built Physics features including a rigidbody, it does not fully rely on them for movement and interaction with other physics-based elements in a scene.

You can bring your own humanoid models and animations or you can use our demo assets.

Documentation (PDF)

What features does S3D have?

  • Stick to moving and rotating objects while performing "regular" actions
  • Be controlled by player with Sticky Input Module
  • Act as an NPC and be controlled by your game
  • Be controlled by a NavMesh Agent
  • Switch between first person and third person cameras
  • Walk, sprint, strafe, jump and crouch
  • Jet Pack with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Configurable third person zoom
  • Conditionally send data to your animator controller with no coding required
  • Be configured and controlled via code using our API methods
  • Interact / push dynamic rigidbody objects
  • Be pushed by other objects
  • Walk up and down steps and slopes
  • Footstep sounds and surface actions
  • Align to ground normal
  • React to configurable gravity
  • Look at objects or other S3D characters using Head IK
  • Override configuration based on zones within scene
  • Perform custom actions and animations based on player input
  • Work with your own character humanoid models
  • Work with your own humanoid animations
  • Take input from (new or legacy) Unity Input System, keyboard & mouse, or Rewired
  • Display information messages or gauges in a UI for the player
  • Look at, touch, grab, drop, or select interactive objects

Sticky3D Controller includes an extensive, documented, runtime API with C# examples.

Finally, Sticky3D Controller is designed from the ground up for performance. We've tried as much as possible to follow best practice and avoid expensive allocations and function calls, so S3D should only comprise a minimal part of your performance budget.

You can get Sticky3D Controller from the Unity Asset Store.

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