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 Bot cost challenge 
There are a lot of different sensors and detectors on the market. There are also ready-built industrial robotic arms that can weld, pick up, move and pack items into boxes. By performing a mundane task thousands of times a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they can be cost effective. That is, although they cost thousands of dollars, companies buy them so that they can make money selling manufactured goods.

Building bots for home use if much different. Bots need to be cheap to buy, cheap to run and not need much maintenance. They also need to be easy to operate. Useful household robots are starting to become available. For example iRobot makes the vaccum cleaning Roomba bot for less than $150 in basic form. Sure it can only do a few rooms before it needs recharging but it works. A more expensive model automatically returns to a home recharging base when it gets low on power.

Facial recognition software is being researched but its currently too expensive for household bots. Some bots can perform limited facial recognition but have no way to walk around a house and talk to people.


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