SCSM provides a wide range of computer services, including consulting, editing, video clips and publishing. Our vision is to see organisations making an impact in today’s world. We can make your voice heard.
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As a consulting organisation we also like to give back to the wider community.
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 About our bots 
Dave is our NXT 1.0 who is being transformed into a variety of bots to accomplish various tasks. He is shortly going to be joined by the next generation NXT 2.0. The question is, so why should we care about designing and building bots that are unable to do useful things like vaccum the house, take out the rubbish and mow the lawn? The answer lies in the programming of the various sensors. As our bots carry out simple tasks one realises that complex activities are simply lots of simple tasks joined together. One day bots will scurry around our houses doing those menial tasks for us. Until then, happy botting!
  Dave Test Pad #1 Dave Test Pad #2 Dave Test Pad #3 Dave Test Pad Success Dave with better program  
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If weekly homework takes several hours make a schedule for each day
Words of Wisdom
If you can help your neighbour now, don't say, 'Come back tomorrow, and then I'll help you.'