RacR 3

Open world racing for Windows 10 and Mac OS X

Set in and around RacR City, RacR3 is an open world racing game with dynamic weather and a day/night cycle. RacR3 has tracks ranging from the technical like Urban Blast to flat out racing on Forest Rally.

With smart AI rivals and Dynamic difficulty, Tirewear and a variety of cars, RacR3 has you covered.

RacR3 boasts Keyboard, Xbox (Windows only), and Tilt controls and is available on Windows 10 and OSX for desktop, laptop or tablet.

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Windows 10 or Mac OSX

From the Game Director

For RacR3 we had a small team with very limited resources. We're not a big budget studio so we knew we'd have to focus on what we think is important in a racing game for PC and Mac. We decided that, above all else, it had to be fun to play. So absent are those video sequences that play whenever you select a menu, go to line up on the grid or finish a race that you might see big budget productions. We wanted race restarts and track selection to be really fast. We all hate seeing the loading screen. So we sacrificed initial load time for in-game load time. In RacR3 you can select any route (track) and be racing in seconds. This influenced our decision to go with an open-world style which mixes urban and rural settings.

We liked the idea of being able to drive wherever you wanted to. So we kept the open world concept from RacR2 but included it in gameplay. So now races are actually part of the open world.

Without a big budget we knew that licensing cars from manufacturers was out and we didn't want to go down that unlicensed slippery slope. So we built our own cars, each with their own handling and performance characteristics.

We wanted the game to be affordable with a single transparent fee. The free now, pay later in-game experience wasn't going to satisfy that requirement. We were also not a big fan of stuff that must be unlocked after having downloaded the game.

In RacR2 there wasn't much to look at while racing so in RacR3 we added a city centre, a beachfront pier, parks, bridges,railway tunnels, and an airport.

We knew we wanted RacR3 to be somewhere between simulation and arcade. We left out items like ride height, tyre pressure and camber adjustment, although ride height would have been useful for the underground railway tunnels! But we've retained and enhanced acceleration, braking, and handling. We're not impressed by small Japanese cars doing 400 km/h in so called racing sims so we avoided that like the plague. We think we have the right balance of real-world physics and "fun-factor". I know one of the developers spends a lot of time with their Casio graphical calculator ensuring we don't get tempted to add a "turbo" button which suddenly gives your car rocket-like propulsion that would be more at home on the Starship Enterprise!

People liked the Championship mode from RacR2, so we included and enhanced that in RacR3. Two player split screen mode is retained plus we've added look backwards (keyboard) or all around you with Xbox controllers. One of the developers pro-typed this feature as a side-line while testing and we kept it when we realised how much this helped gameplay. Sometimes we pro-type features that don't make it into a release (like Logitech G25-29 steering wheel support) but it's nice when we get an unexpected feature like camera rotation.

We wrote our own music for RacR3 and we created most of the models. We used a third-party product to assist with road creation. Coding is done in C# and the game engine is Unity3D. We develop, build and test on Windows 10 Pro, Mac OS 10.10 and Mac OS 10.11.

Above all else we want you and your friends to have fun playing RacR3.




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