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 HeadCar: The Project 
Game designer, David Strong, says this about the project: "I thought it would be interesting to move my successful card game onto computer-based media. I was responsible for photography, game design, and putting together the data for the cars."

The project was constructed entirely in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and written in the C# programming language. The project wasn�t without its challenges. We�d never written a Windows 8 App before, never written a program in C# before, never written a Windows Store app, nor had we written anything for tablet computers. However, with Microsoft releasing the Surface RT we thought now was a good time to get into this space.

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 About HeadCar 
The game is optimised for the Surface RT although it will readily adapt to various other popular screen resolutions on 10.6 and 12 inch tablets. It should also install and run fine on Surface Pro and devices designed to run Windows 8. The App uses your Microsoft Account to retain game settings between devices so you can move from say a Windows 8 PC to a Surface RT or Win8 tablet while keeping your favourite settings.

Play with your friends or against computer opponents from beginner to expert. After vehicle cards are dealt you must select the best feature of your vehicle to win the round. Get the most cards and you win the game! Test you skill against expert computer players if you dare!
The Cars
The current version has a selection of 43 performance cars.

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