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 Fenix Retro Pedal Cars 
Fenix, the hand built retro pedal car that the children will find irresistible. This is not a toy stamped out in a factory, it is a rugged rocket built from solid steel. This pedal car for children aged 3-6 will certainly be the talk of the neighbourhood. Retro is in and the Fenix is sure to bring a smile to the faces of children, parents and grandparents alike. With classic curves from the 1950s and 1960s it is available in red or blue. It's even available in kit form for those that wish to build it in their workshop.

Hand built for AUD$599
Build it yourself!
This is not some basic screw-together flat packed toy. Sure, some of the work has been done for you but you'll be the one building the pedal car. Wait until you see your child / grandchild's face when you roll it out of the workshop! You can say "I built that myself". Instructions are included and help is only an email away.
Picture to the right shows a kit in progress.
What's not in the kit?
Aluminium rivets, seat padding, paint and Fenix emblems.
What's required?
Basic metal working skills (welding, bending, cutting, grinding, pop riveting)
Metal working tools (welder [gasless mig or arc], drill, ruler, clamps, grinder, hammer, vice etc)
2.5mm and 3mm allen keys, spray painting gear (or you can use a pressure pack can)
How much?
Just AUD$499
 Where can I get one?! 
South West Machining Centre
31-33 Cook Street, Busselton, Western Australia, 6280. Tel: (08) 9752 4944
If you'd like to become a reseller contact us for more details.

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