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 Emma's Media Episode Notes 
Emma's Media video podcast will challenge yet inspire you in today's intrusive media-soaked culture. Jump on board, connect and move ahead as Emma takes you into the world of ever-morphing media. Tomorrow's media matters.

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017 | More Focused Emma Strong, 11 January 2010
In media, being connected is part of the job, but the news is: the forest is only going to get thicker. So we need to get to grips with it now, not later. Some people 'detox' by simply ignoring phone and email for a few days. But this doesn't achieve much except a realisation of just how tied we have become to these slave masters. Well here's the bottom line: it all comes down to discipline.

016 | Priorities for 2010 Emma Strong, 07 January 2010
It got me thinking about people who put themselves forward in the media. Say, Royalty, celebrities, journalists, but indeed anyone in the public eye. And that includes anyone doing a blog. In recent years we've seen a shift in media away from news journalism and towards blogging. Let's face it, with today's technology anyone can be a blogger. News and information is everywhere on the internet, but can we trust it?

015 | Is content King? Emma Strong, 21 December 2009
The question is, are we engaging, connecting, making it edge-of-your-seat interesting? And as a result of our events are we making relationships? Or are we just doing presentations? In media circles we talk about content being King, and recently on a blog I read about this not being the case for church, because the local church isn't a media venture. Well, neither is it King for the school, because that's not a media venture either: school's here to guide, inspire and educate through relationships. But how do we stop our events turning into presentations for the presenters, and instead build relationships?

014 | How Technology Shapes our Faith Emma Strong, 17 December 2009
Firstly there's the online community, which gives us all access to lots of different opinions and beliefs. How do we deal with all these opinions? Do we ignore them? Secondly the increased use of visual aids has the potential to make us either more passive or eager to participate. Which way will be go? Thirdly technology gives us the potential for far-reaching digital advertising, both good and bad. Fourthly, does technology take up too much of our time, and so stunt our spiritual growth? And lastly, digital media enables us to be more informed about what everyone else is doing; how everyone else is doing church.

013 | Amazon Kindle, eBooks and choice. Emma Strong, 14 December 2009
Well, eReaders are fast becoming top of the Christmas present list this year, so it looks like 2010 is going to be the Year of the eBook. Looking ahead, I think 2010 will see most magazines and newspapers produced in eReader format, which should force eReader developers to refine their navigation capabilities. And then it would make sense that all Publishers turn their focus to eBooks. I'm really hoping that this coming year will see all new books get published as an eBook, whether they get printed on paper or not.

012 | Social Network Statistics Emma Strong, 10 December 2009
Today I want to ask the question, "Which media do I use to be most effective? Which media will deliver my message best to my target audience?" According to a survey by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, 88% of executives at US non-profit organisations currently use social media, but only 51% use it actively, and 79% are uncertain about how to demonstrate its value for their organisation. It's as if we're all using social media because statistics tell us we should, but experience doesn't convince us of that. And most of us are still trying to discover how it works for us.

011 | On-demand interactive TV Emma Strong, 7 December 2009
I was watching that old movie Farenheit 451 the other night, you know the sci-fi movie of the book by Ray Bradbury, and he wrote that in 1953, but what struck me was that he really did predict interactive TV, didn't he? What he didn't predict, though, was 'on-demand' TV, podcasting, and accessing everything online. He didn't even see ahead to mobile phones - phones were still firmly fixed to the wall. But, it got me thinking about how we're progressing in terms of having things interactive and on-demand. And, are we progressing? Are we getting any closer to a user-driven on-demand society? Just look at what's on sale this Christmas: a cordless BBQ cleaning brush, a remote control Beer Cooler - brings the beer to you -uhuh, a USB plasma ball and a USB cup warmer. Even a water powered clock. Yes, water power! Now, a system to convert my whole house over to water power might be useful. Although come a drought we'd all be in darkness.

010 | Best job in the world Emma Strong, 3 December 2009
Surely the best has to be Tourism Queensland's offer of the 'The Best Job in the World', a vacancy for a blogger to work from Hamilton Island for six months. There was, of course, a commitment to pay an employee for 6 months, but the Tourism Minister for Queensland said they achieved $13million of advertising in a single day. Universal Music Australia is now offering 'The Best Job in the World' - this time the job is getting up close and personal with the hottest bands on the planet. All the details are on Word of Mouth always was the best form of advertising, and social networking means you can get your message to the world in days.

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