Save the world - yeah, right!

Something has happened. Something big.

In DroidNet, a city has been taken over by domineering robots and only you can save it. The robots have an army, so you'll need to think hard to outwit them. Just remember: All is not as it seems...

Sneak your way through 10 levels of increasing difficulty, each with a new challenge to overcome. With the game setup in the classic FPS style, you'll have your chance to think like a commander, with one exception: It's all up to you.

The first levels are easy, but at the higher levels even the best tacticians will really need to think outside the box to achieve success. With very intelligent AI programmed into the gone-haywire robots, it will take clever thinking indeed to outsmart them.

With the robots taking over, the city's only hope is for you to reach the heart of their command center and shut down the robots. It won't be easy, but millions are counting on you...

Available for Microsoft Windows 8.x and Apple Mac OS X.